Thursday, July 21, 2011

David Conn: Long Time TCU Teacher And Artist At Artspace

Long time teacher and Artist, David Conn, is the new addition to the artist displaying their work at Artspace:
Conn's inspiration to start working on prints was ignited at the early age of 12 on a trip to a museum where he saw Durer's work for the first time. Durer's work caught Conn's attetion unlike anything he had ever seen.From that very day he decided that he wanted to do prints  for the rest of his life.

Durer's precision and detail helped shaped Conn's style into what it is now.His work mainly consist of linocuts of wilderness sceneries . His recent work Thicket is so full of detail and precision that when looked at from far  away the contrast in the picture makes it look like a black and white picture.But when looked at up close the detail makes into something so abstract and complex, all of this done with one tool and one material. David Conn's amazing and precise works of wilderness scenes has won him a Ford Fellowship in 1980 as well  caught the attention of the deputy director of the Fort Worth Kimbell Museum, Malcolm Warner, who curated his solo show at the TCU Gallery in 2009.

Some samples of the series Thicket is showing from now and is going to be up at the Salon at Artspace 'till early September. So come and check it out as well as our current exhibition composed of various works of our artist such as Daniel Blagg, and Nancy Lamb.

For more information on David Conn:

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