Friday, November 5, 2010

Artspace111 Artist in the Media!

 Point, Click, Paint by Gail Robinson 
Check out the latest edition of Indulge page 66 highlights Artspace111 artist Nancy Lamb. 

"I like the silky fabrics, the glint against a black background, the 'stars-out-at-night' sort of thing, " she says. But there is more to it than just the allure of sequins. It's when the veils ...of inhibition waft to the ground as the night progresses. She paints moments of social intercourse that can be as awkward as the more intimate kind. - Gail Robinson


Sarah Green does Jackass: The stars of the laugh-out-loud show and movies are the subjects of a Fort Worth artist’s digital paintings. - Jimmy Fowler

“Some people are drawn to landscapes and some to architectural work,
...but I’m fascinated by people’s faces,” Green said. “I love the
ravishing Hollywood photos by George Hurrell of women like Greta Garbo
and Carole Lombard. I also love intensely physical sports like hockey
and boxing –– my grandfather was a fighter –– so the Jackass boys are natural subjects for me.” (Fort Worth Weekly - Jimmy Fowler article).

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