Friday, February 27, 2009

4th Annual Prairie Fest

For the second year, painters will be participating in a Plein Air Painting Event at Fort Worth Prairie Fest. Taken from a French phrase meaning "in the open air", plein air painting is the act of creating a landscape painting outdoors in direct response to nature.

This year, Margery Grella of Artspace 111 gallery, and painter Carol Ivey have invited twenty artists who work in a wide range of styles and media. Artists who will be responding to the sights and sensations of Tandy Hills Natural Area include:
Chase Almond, Rachel Bounds, Doug Clark, Dennis Farris, Sarah Green, Dina Gregory, Carol Ivey, Debob Jacob, Darnell Jones, Sheri Jones, Sunnie LeBlanc, Victor Manuel, Rose Marie Mercado, Jill Randall, Cecilia Robertson, Randy Saffle, James Tennison, Joyce Thomas, Beatriz Welch, Margie Whittington, and Trish Wise.

Visitors to
Prairie Fest can watch the artists working throughout the park and festival grounds. The finished paintings can be purchased in two silent auctions at 1 pm and at 6 pm, with proceeds shared by the artists and the Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area.

Fourth Annual Prairie Fest
Saturday April 25, 2009
10 am - 8 pm

3400 View Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76103
(Southwest corner of the Tandy Hills Natural Area)

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